About us

HR Health and Safety, is a privately owned specialist HR and H&S consultancy that was formed in 2003 by Kimberley Lawry to provide a broad range of services across HR and Health & Safety. We have a client base of some of the biggest and well known companies in New Zealand, body corporates, franchises and of course SMEs.

Standing behind our solid reputation and name is a fantastic team of professionals all bringing to the table a solid base of industry experience, and ready to serve you.

We are renowned for putting the needs of our clients above all else. We believe that every leader knows what’s best for their business, and how to run it. As the law changes, and brings Health and Safety and Employment Law to the forefront of commercial operations, we believe those leaders should be able to continue doing what they do best; growing their business and turning a profit in the way they always have.

That’s where we come in. What we do best is sorting out all the background heavy lifting that detracts from what you do best.

Only when you combine the best minds and talents can everyone benefit and grow stronger. Incorporate all your HR and Health and Safety needs into our services, and together, we turn businesses into a well oiled, motivated machine that stands head and shoulders above the competition. We’ve always believed in saving our clients money and time, and that motivation is the only free wage left in the world.

Make the most of it, and let us assist you to navigate, keep up-to-date with and implement Employment Law and Health & Safety legislation, allowing business owners and managers to focus on managing their business direction.

Today we have grown an experienced team of HR and Health and Safety specialists and developed a valuable and current knowledge base and toolset that cuts to the chase and makes best practices easy for business owners and managers throughout New Zealand.

If it’s related to Human Resources or Health and Safety, we’ve seen it all. We are confident, and you should be too, that we can help you with professional advice and assistance to implement best practices in your company and quickly recommend the best course of action for any HR and Health & Safety situation you encounter.

Our commitment to you

To deliver our expertise in business for your recruitment, personnel, and Health & Safety requirements. We make it easy to manage your staff, safety and systems

To provide you with an effective, efficient, self-motivated, expert team of consultants and managers. We provide our training and outsourcing services right throughout New Zealand

Enabling you with control and freedom to manage your own organisation, and giving you the assurance that your company meets its legislative obligations.